Heart just wouldn’t respond this morning

I was hoping I’d be up to speed this morning, fully recovered from last week’s rides in the heat, by apparently not. Maybe it was the change from extreme-heat & low humidity to cool & drizzly that caught my body off-guard. Or maybe it was just one of those things, my body rebelling a bit, not wanting to always be pushed. Whatever it was, I just could not get my heart rate about 152 or so climbing Kings, a good 10+ lower than normal, and you just can’t go very fast at that low a heart rate.

Watching everyone ride away on West Old LaHonda. This was not my day.
Watching everyone ride away on West Old LaHonda. This was not my day.

Good crew this morning; Kevin (pilot), Karl, Eric, Joe, JR & Marcus. Not that I spent much time with anyone on the way up! But once on top it wasn’t so bad, and the wet pavement didn’t seem too slippery. Hard to believe that just a week ago we were having to make sure people didn’t run out of water mid-ride!

Hopefully Thursday I’ll be back on my game. The last Thursday without the other Kevin (my son) who will be cleared to ride after a minor procedure to remove a stent on Thursday morning. For a very brief time, I’ll likely be faster than him up the hill. Likely a very brief time!

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