Is it windier than normal?

Normally I feel pretty fresh on a Sunday ride, but today? I still felt a bit burnt from Friday’s finale in Santa Barbara, a ride that included their infamous “Gibraltar” climb which, in paper, shouldn’t be so bad, but in real life, its totally-exposed road, 90+ degree heat, and knowing you only had two water bottles with no way to refill them until you were completely off the mountain… it was one of the toughest rides I’ve ever done. 3 days of pretty tough rides in a row, which isn’t much different than what I’ll be doing again in France. Guess I still have to get in better shape!

For today, it was reverse-Pescadero. Up Old LaHonda, out 84 to San Gregorio, south on Stage Road to Pescadero, over Haskins, past the LaHonda duck pond (where I spent a fair mount of time getting photos) and then up 84 and West Old LaHonda before descending 84. From home, it’s only 62 miles, which should go by pretty easily. Ironically, I think it was the frequent stops to take photos along the way that made it tougher.

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