Reports of my demise have been greatly exagerrated

Did that “Doctor” thing this morning. So it comes down to this- I had a nasty virus that has run its course but will likely have a hacking cough for… 2 to 3 weeks!!!??? And I’m cleared to ride. Hard. I asked that. Does the Doctor have a clue what that really means? Well, maybe. I just looked up his info on Kaiser, and he’s big into sports medicine and played soccer on school teams. Dang, I should have done more research first… maybe he’s the guy prescribing EPO!

More seriously, I am going to ask him about who I see for a more-thorough analysis of my breathing issues. You tell a Doctor that you have no issue riding 115 miles, it’s like falling off a rock, but you can’t get up Kings as fast as you want because your breathing is so bad that you sound like a steam engine and they just look at you like, what’s the issue here???

AS for riding in the morning, we’ll see. I really do look forward to “epic” rides, but the idea of gagging and hacking through one doesn’t hold much appeal.

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