Update on Kevin

This morning, at 11am, Kevin (my son) gets another kidney scan at Kaiser Santa Clara and, depending upon the results, may have surgery immediately afterward. Hopefully the scan will show that his right kidney is coming back (after being blocked for two months, causing hopefully-reversible damage), and he may have a procedure that essentially connects the kidney almost directly to the bladder, getting rid of that pesky ureter that wants to keep causing so much trouble (the ureter being the tube that runs from the kidney to bladder). The last major operation on his kidney was in 2010, and that one had him in the hospital for 3 or 4 days. Since then they’ve learned a trick or two so the post-op recovery time (in the hospital) is just a day. We’re hoping for the best! I need him back out on the bike, not to mention the shop, which is currently very short-handed (were that not the case, I’d be at the hospital with him). No stress in my life these days! 🙂
Thanks- –Mike–

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