Record-low “suffer” score for Tuesday/Thursday ride?

KK and I arriving very late to the party at the top of Kings Mtn this morning
KK and I arriving very late to the party at the top of Kings Mtn this morning

First ride without my son Kevin in a while; didn’t seem too unusual getting going in the morning, aside from Jack, our psycho Corgi dog, being a bit upset that I wouldn’t let him jump up against Kevin’s door to wake him up at 6:55am. When my alarm goes off, Jack is instantly at the door to my bedroom, very excited, ready to do his job getting Kevin up. Not today, but hopefully next Tuesday Kevin will be back to the normal routine.

Not a large group this morning; Kevin K (pilot), JR, Karen, Marcus, and a bit later on, Milo. Kevin was talking slow and lived up to the talk. I stayed back with him up Kings… something over 35 minutes which, even through the park, is really, really slow for us. That’s OK once in a while; at that speed, I can actually carry on a conversation! For the record, Kevin K looks severely over-trained. Too many back-to-back epic rides without break. Hey, if I had the opportunity, I’d probably be the same!

Kevin K and Marcus left us up on Skyline and headed home, while we picked up Milo, a former regular whose been MIA for quite some time due to young kid obligations. Milo apparently had ideas of taking the Sky Londa sprint; my intentions differed, and I had the legs to back those intentions up. After all, I had a lot left in the tank after the easy ride up Kings.

On West Old LaHonda it was Milo I was hanging back with, as Karen and JR rode on ahead. As I said a few days ago, I’m going to make sure we don’t leave anyone behind on their own. And yes, at a Strava “suffer” score of just 79, this was in fact a pretty darned easy ride. I’m OK with that, once in a while.  –Mike–

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