42 Degrees and wet… welcome to winter!

www_rainy_day_pvNo big ride today; we had to run transfers from our Los Altos store to Redwood City, so nothing more than a quick ride there to pick up the van and drive back. The original plan was to get out early, ahead of the rain, and do a real ride in the hills. That didn’t work out when I woke up at 7am to rain that was coming in at least two hours ahead of schedule. The idea of descending Page Mill in the rain just didn’t appeal to me.

It was a pleasant-enough ride through the foothills, and even though both cold (42) and wet, Kevin and I were dressed quite comfortably for it. Of course, by the time we got close to our Los Altos store it had stopped raining and was windy enough to dry the roads, meaning that we’d missed an opportunity to get out on a nice ride on our nice bikes. Yet there was this feeling that this ride was the right ride for today. A bit short, but maybe every ride doesn’t have to involve big climbs and new Strava records. Maybe.  On the other hand, as I remarked to Kevin on the ride, there was no way I was going to meet my Strava mileage goal this week!

One thought on “42 Degrees and wet… welcome to winter!

  1. I rode up Nine and down Page Mill in the late afternoon Sunday. The roads were all wet but there was a light rain only on Skyline to the vista points on Page Mill. I always try to ride during the SB because there’s virtually no traffic! Not one car passed me on Skyline between Nine and PM and then only one on PM. Sure it was wet, but I could go exactly at the the speed I was comfortable with. I also used the Thunderbolt front light I got at CR the prior day. All in all a good ride.

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