Last dry ride?

Pre-ride briefing, a formality in which we discuss the route (which hasn't been deviated from in 35 years) and the past weekends' rides
Pre-ride briefing, a formality in which we discuss the route (which hasn’t been deviated from in 35 years) and the past weekends’ rides

It’s tough to give any credibility to forecasts showing rain for Thursday, and in face even the forecasts are backing off, from suggesting a 70% chance of rain at one point, down to 30%… which it’s held steady at since noon today. Not that I’ve been watching. But the skies today had that look… that gray look, that feeling the sun is beginning to give up its dominance and take a rest for a while. In fact, riding home, it felt like rain, even though it wasn’t raining. I expected to see smeared reflections on my glasses at any moment, but none came.

But this morning, it was yet another fine day to ride. A bit warmer than others lately, due to the clouds. A bit darker, due to the clouds. But also a bit more-typically winter, again, due to the clouds. But the roads were dry and the spirits high. Eric, George, Karen, Mark P, Jeff Z and the return of JR (from 3 weeks in Ecaudor!). Missing were both Kevins, one flying, the other goofing off in Disneyland.

Jeff Z takes off after Eric
Jeff Z takes off after Eric

The first couple of minutes up Kings everyone was content to ride at an easy pace, until Eric slowly rode off the front, followed a minute later by a quick acceleration and subsequent catch by Jeff Z. I don’t know how long they rode together, only that Jeff posted a time of 25:48 which I’m sure was enough to keep anyone else off his tail. Having said that, Eric’s riding progressively stronger these days, so who knows?

Noteworthy was that the roadwork on Old LaHonda is finally completed, so no more “road closed” signs to consider ignoring.

Thursday’s ride will be interesting if, indeed, it actually does rain. Who will show up? What bikes will they bring? How slowly will we ride? Tell you in 48 hours!

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