Wet roads, where did that come from?

kings_huddart_010114Odd thing, waking up and seeing slightly-damp roads! You assume that a rain-free forecast means dry roads, but not today. But still a nice ride, and nearly all of that nasty cold bug that had me hacking so badly the day before was gone.

Just a few of us this morning; myself, Kevin (my son, not the pilot), Eric, Keith and new-guy Jason. Jason’s not new to the area, just this ride; he’s a regular on the “morning” ride, the insanely-fast 6:15am even out of Palo Alto. Thankfully, he rode at a moderate clip today!

My time up Kings might have been semi-respectable had I not had to hold up for Kevin when he “went mechanical” mid-way up the hill, claiming his brakes were rubbing. Yeah, that’s what we all say when we’re slow! Now here’s the amusing thing; if he’d had a seizure, I’d have probably kept going, not worried because he can take care of himself. But for a mechanical I circle back and make sure he’s OK. Yep, no Dad-of-the-year award for me!

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