41 minutes up Kings? Suffer score of only 39? Yes, Kevin was not on his game today!

Kevin’s either coming down with something or he just plain wore himself out after Sunday’s 112 miles ride, Tuesday morning’s regular ride, then yesterday’s ride up Mt. Hamilton… which he held up through… but then this morning, he just totally fell apart. 41 minutes up Kings. So slow that we couldn’t even do the West Old LaHonda loop or we’d be late to work. Eric and JR had ridden on up ahead, eventually heading back down the hill to see if we were still alive.

What a difference a day makes! He did start feeling a bit under the weather later in the day, so he might be coming down with the same nasty cold his sister has. Hope not; she’s been under the weather for about a week now. Me? I just keep rolling on. Thought something might be trying to take hold a few days ago, took Cold-eze for a day or two, and seem fine. So far. The good news is that Kevin hasn’t had any seizures for a number of days. That’s a lot more important than a slow time up Kings. –Mike–

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