You might have read about (stupid) people like me

This was what I had to look forward to, taken at my first stop, Honolulu. It’s now just a bit over 24 hours since that photo and I’m back again, same place, almost same seat. This is not something sane people do.

Not quite 7am in Redwood City, so I should be getting up soon for my ride. Instead I’ve just boarded a plane in Manila that will fly me to Guam. And then another plane from Guam to Honolulu. And another from Honolulu to Los Angeles. And finally a flight from Los Angeles home, arriving 9:45am Friday morning. Oh, maybe I should have mentioned that I had just arrived in Manila on the same plane I’m leaving on… 16,250 miles in 48 hours 45 minutes.


Doesn’t even get a question mark; why stands on its own. I’m one of those odd (very odd) people you might have read about called a “mileage runner.” We do these silly trips not as part of a competition but because the airlines establish benefits that accrue at certain paid (not award/”miles”) tickets. In my case, getting to United’s Platinum level makes the “free” tickets you get from credit card use much more valuable and easier to get. So if my wife can go just about anywhere and not worry about the cost of a ticket. Even in First or Biz class. Me? My flying has to be on a ticket paid with real money, and that being the case, in coach. To be continued!

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