Nice day for a nice ride… Coastal Classic #127?

Why the "shortcut" in LaHonda is worth taking
Why the “shortcut” in LaHonda is worth taking

I’m sure I haven’t really ridden the “coastal classic” 127 times, but it has become the default moderately-challenging Sunday ride over the past few years. Redwood City, Woodside, over Old LaHonda to LaHonda, Haskins to Pescadero, Stage to San Gregorio, Tunitas Creek to Skyline and back down Kings. 58 miles, 6300ft of climbing. Normally no big deal, but it was a bit of a challenge getting Kevin to sign off on it; he hasn’t been riding too much lately, due to some pain issues (kidney related, but y’know, we’re really not even sure about that and it’s not like he can have any more x-rays without everyone needing sunglasses around him at night, he’d be glowing in the dark so much), and has been getting a lot of seizures the past few days, maybe 10/day. But I talked him into it. 🙂

Helping a guy with a stuck chain
Helping a guy with a stuck chain

Along the way we got to help a guy close to the base of Old LaHonda; shifting from large to small chainring, it had jumped off on the inside and wedged itself between the chainring and the frame, threatening to do some real damage to the carbon-fiber. Darned thing would not budge; finally got the idea of loosening up the crank a bit to get some wiggle room, and the chain was safely pulled free. While doing work on his bike Kevin had a seizure (one of four on this ride), and I got to do the usual thing of telling someone that this is normal, he’s fine, don’t worry. Turned out the guy’s a surgeon at Stanford who’d just moved into the area. We don’t need a surgeon. We need a miracle-capable nerologist!

Seeing Jeff Z, good customer and great guy, on West OLH
Seeing Jeff Z, good customer and great guy, on West OLH

Took it fairly easy up Old LaHonda, as planned, and Kevin actually stuck to the plan this time instead of dropping me first chance he could. It was nice doing Old LaHonda in 24-something instead of going for time! We also took it fairly easy over Haskins, an extra minute or two slower than normal, and pulled into Pescadero feeling pretty good. Coke and a sandwich later and we were on our way over Stage Road, thankful we had our lightweight windbreakers ‘cuz it was a bit cold and foggy out there. What’s with that? Summer’s over and I didn’t get the memo?

Our "rabbit" on Tunitas today- we spotted her 5 minutes
Our “rabbit” on Tunitas today- we spotted her 5 minutes
Catching our "rabbit" after a long chase!
Catching our “rabbit” after a long chase!

On Tunitas we spotted a woman 5 minutes when we stopped to change the battery in my camera and let Kevin have a powerbar (actually not a powerbar but that’s becomes kinda generic for any mid-ride snack food); she was climbing pretty well and I was thinking we might not see her again! But a steady but not-deathly pace reeled her in, about two miles from the top.

Overall a pretty good ride, despite Kevin’s numerous seizures.

4 thoughts on “Nice day for a nice ride… Coastal Classic #127?

  1. Where is this “Short cut” in La Honda you were talking about? I don’t recognize that road in the first picture.

  2. Mike,

    I haven’t done this ride for a couple of years. How’s the pavement on 84 past the red barn now? I recall it being a bit choppy in places. Any issues with the repaving on Stage?

    Also, is it safe for someone experiencing seizures to be riding? What happens if it happens while descending for instance?

    1. The new pavement on 84 is quite nice, not at all like what they’ve done to Skyline. Stage Road, on the other hand, is, if anything, worse than Skyline. Just the southern part; they haven’t yet “repaired” the northern section. You can safely ride it, not much gravel, but not nearly as fun as it was before.

      Regarding Kevin’s seizures, he’s fortunate (as much as someone with epilepsy can be fortunate) that he has a warning, an “aura”, that occurs before the seizure, giving him about 20 seconds warning before he’s got to be on the ground. This has afforded plenty of time for a safe exit from the road. –Mike–

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