Way behind!!! In posts that is. On the bike, not so bad.

6:55am and Jack, our psycho Corgi, doesn't exactly look lively. Yet in seconds he's going to be pouncing on Kevin's door to wake him up.
6:55am and Jack, our psycho Corgi, doesn’t exactly look lively. Yet in seconds he’s going to be pouncing on Kevin’s door to wake him up.

I did try and update yesterday from my iPhone, but obviously that didn’t take. Tuesday’s ride went very nicely, better than expected. Large group, maybe 10, including Kevin (pilot) who had turned 58 that day. Whether that provided his inspiration to come in first at the top of Kings or not, don’t know; he wasn’t riding in a way that would stamp his authority on things, since had that been the case, I would have lost him long before the top. But I had a nice, consistent ride, coming in at 26:30 for Kings, a very fast October time for me.

Today (which is now yesterday) we had a somewhat mellower climb through the park, taking a good minute longer for that section than recent rides, despite Marcus showing up today. Another beautiful fall day, a bit cool but warming as we went.

Kevin looking happy at the top of Kings.
Kevin looking happy at the top of Kings.

Oh, and Chris showed up. Haven’t seen him in ages; he’s one of the few that can give Marcus a good run for his money on the climbs. Thankfully he wasn’t going full-gas today; something about having been off the bike for 3 weeks. Wish I could ride as fast when I’m putting in lots of miles as he does when he hasn’t ridden at all!

OK, so why have the entries been so sparse and late lately? Because things have been much busier than normal for October. That, of course, is a good thing. Helps to pay the bills. But it’s definitely created a bit more work for me taking care of things at the shop, so by the time I get home I’m a bit more tired than I’d like to be, and haven’t been spending the extra hour or two that I normally would, working on shop stuff from home.

My bike's way too comfortable here.... (Donut King in Redwood City)
My bike’s way too comfortable here…. (Donut King in Redwood City)

One thing can’t change though, no matter how busy things are. Have to ride. Either that or give up donuts and mochas. Can’t do that, so better keep riding!

I should also mention that a new toy arrived for me today. A Stages power meter. Yes, after all these years, I’m joining the ranks of the truly obsessed (as if Strava hasn’t put me there already!). Just installed it for my commute home tonight; it’s first real test will be Sunday. Film at 11.

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