Didn’t make it 4 in a row under 27

Kevin K forcing his way up Kings this morning. No finesse, but fast. I'll trade finesse for fast.
Kevin K forcing his way up Kings this morning. No finesse, but fast. I’ll trade finesse for fast.

After yesterday’s tough round-trip ride to Santa Cruz and back (via Mtn Charlie Road), I wondered how I’d feel this morning. I knew that, somehow, Kevin would manage to avoid riding, which he successfully did by letting me know, when I woke him up, that he didn’t get to sleep until 2:30am ‘cuz he’d been throwing up. If I’d skipped out on rides because I was sick or didn’t get enough sleep, I’d be… well, probably considered a normal person. We know that isn’t true!

Actually, I felt better this morning than I thought I would. No real aches & pains, but just didn’t feel too fast. Still, I gave it a run for the money up Kings, because that’s just how I’m wired. It was curiosity more than anything; have I dropped enough weight and gotten in good enough shape that a 26-something is a given, not a rarity? It was close. Really close. 27:03.88. Less than 4 seconds from that elusive 26-something time. If only I could have stayed on Karl’s wheel just a little bit longer. Or maybe had my display configured so I could more-easily see the timer.

That was the end of my flirtation with anything speedy; from then on, I was just going through the motions. I didn’t feel dead, just slow. I probably could have kept on riding forever, just not very quickly. Hate that!

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