Large group, friendly, fog, August, random thoughts…

Slipping into the trees on West Old LaHonda
The gate was open at the lower park entrance!

Was Skyline in a fog or my brain? It was actually a pretty nice day for a ride, with just a few damp spots and never enough to trash your bike. Large group that I can’t even begin to name. Since it was Thursday we rode up through the park, this time with a special treat- the lower gate was open! That’s hasn’t been the case for ages. Nice not having to squeeze through.

Overcast on the coast today
Overcast on the coast today

This was one of those days where you started out not feeling great, but as the ride went on you just felt better and better and better. I pushed fairly hard through the park so there wasn’t much left by the time we hit Kings, but I did manage to stay ahead of Kevin (my son, not the pilot) for most of the climb. That is, until JR gave him a bad time and encouraged him to get up there and beat me to the top, which he did, flying past me with a couple hundred meters to go.

I did get my revenge, taking both the Sky Londa and finishing sprints (and, now that I think about it, the sprint at the end of West Old LaHonda too!).

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