More for Strava Addicts!

veloviewerThis is serious bad news. If you were a Strava addict before, you’re going to be in need of full psychological treatment after reading this post. Actually don’t bother reading the post. Click on the picture and it will take you to my profile on Its sole purpose is to steal your soul. It will slice & dice your Strava information and attach simple numbers to things and even show you on maps where you’ve ridden!

All the roads I've ridden, while on Strava, in the SF Bay Area
All the roads I’ve ridden, while on Strava, in the SF Bay Area
The various roads I've ridden in France while on Strava
The various roads I’ve ridden in France while on Strava

I just learned about this while looking at some Facebook postings on my iPhone. In bed. So instead of going to sleep, I had to get up, download my rides into VeloViewer and write about it. Hooked already and I have no idea of all it can do! is the website. Check it out. Feed your addiction!

2 thoughts on “More for Strava Addicts!

  1. too bad it only appears to work for those who’ve “upgraded” their strava existence. just hangs when i try to view my pathetic exploits ….

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