I coulda been a contender…

Trying to stay on Karl's wheel after Todd & Kevin (pilot Kevin) take off
Trying to stay on Karl’s wheel after Todd & Kevin (pilot Kevin) take off
Darn Kevin and his seizures! Thought I had a chance at another 26-something time up Kings this morning; weight’s stayed down, felt strong after Sunday’s Santa Cruz loop. But just as the climb starts I see Kevin slowing down, and a bit after I pass him I hear someone yelling “Mike!” and I instantly know what’s happened. Seizure. So I ease off, make a u-turn and head back to see how he’s doing. And of course by the time I do that he’s already heading up the hill; this was one of his mini-seizures that never really gets going after he activates his VNS (this electronic gadget implanted in his chest that sends an electrical impulse to the brain, trying to short-circuit the seizure, with varying degrees of success). I should have just kept going as he ended up dropping me not too much further up the climb. Kids.

But I did feel stronger up on Skyline and even on West Old LaHonda, keeping with the lead group until things split up after Todd accelerated and Kevin (pilot) took off after him, leaving me to try and stay on Karl’s wheel, which, with some effort, I did. Arrived home feeling pretty good. Not the fastest ride, not the hardest, but nice to not feel like I was at my limit most of the time.

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