How much slower are little wheels? Not much…

crowded_on_olhThe last Sunday ride before heading to France on Thursday, so it was time to do a full shakedown cruise on our Bike Friday travel bikes to make sure they were ready. Well, maybe not. The bikes being ready isn’t much of an issue. What about us?

We chose the usual; the “coastal classic” up over Old LaHonda to Pescadero, north on Stage and back via Tunitas. A route we’ve done so often that it’s a pretty good way to gauge how we’re doing. We brought along Andrew from the shop as a “control” (he was riding a “regular” bike). The result? Looking at Haskins, which we were able to climb without any incidents, I’d say we’re about 5-8% slower on a Bike Friday than our regular bikes. Not bad, and it’s really only on the climbs; on flat & rolling terrain, they’re about even, maybe even slightly better in the wind due to aerodynamics.

The reason Haskins was the only climbs we could really measure against was because Kevin decided to have not one, not two, but three seizures today… on Old LaHonda, Stage Road and Tunitas. Nothing major, the usual stuff where he gets plenty of warning so he pulls to a stop and lies down for a minute or two until it’s gone. But kinda wrecks any ideas of getting good climbing times, y’know?

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