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More for Strava Addicts!

veloviewerThis is serious bad news. If you were a Strava addict before, you’re going to be in need of full psychological treatment after reading this post. Actually don’t bother reading the post. Click on the picture and it will take you to my profile on Its sole purpose is to steal your soul. It will slice & dice your Strava information and attach simple numbers to things and even show you on maps where you’ve ridden!

All the roads I've ridden, while on Strava, in the SF Bay Area
All the roads I’ve ridden, while on Strava, in the SF Bay Area
The various roads I've ridden in France while on Strava
The various roads I’ve ridden in France while on Strava

I just learned about this while looking at some Facebook postings on my iPhone. In bed. So instead of going to sleep, I had to get up, download my rides into VeloViewer and write about it. Hooked already and I have no idea of all it can do! is the website. Check it out. Feed your addiction!

Sunflowers aren’t just for France

sunflower_commuteRiding to work isn’t quite the same as the regular Tuesday/Thursday morning workout on Skyline, and even less like riding to Santa Cruz and back. But this morning, it was kind of like riding in France, as those Sunflowers I’ve noticed the past few days near Jefferson and Farm Hill finally got me to stop and take a photo. Something I’d never do if driving.

I didn’t used to commute to work by bike that much; generally I’d be driving, because it was more convenient for stopping to get food and/or coffee on the way to work, or going to the bank. But it’s not. Not sure why I ever thought that! Nor does it take much longer than in a car, and maybe even less when you consider not having to find a parking space and feed the meter.

Even the ride home, having to climb 400ft up Jefferson, takes just 5 minutes longer by bike than by car. Not that I’d time it or post each ride on Strava, nothing like that! The only downside is needing to take a shower before dinner, but even that’s not too big a deal since I’d otherwise be taking one before going to bed anyway.

Will I ride when it gets dark on the way home? Most likely yes. Will I ride in the rain? Most likely no. Thankfully not something it does very often ’round these parts! The Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride goes on, rain or shine, just for the challenge of doing it. But that has the benefit of a shower at the end, and clean dry clothes. So yes, I’ll wimp out. But for now, it’s time to ride. Everywhere I can.