Two minutes ahead of schedule at the finish, defintely on a summer schedule!

You can just barely make out the middle of the group, through the fog, toward the middle-left of the photo. No mistaking my place in the group!
You can just barely make out the middle of the group, through the fog, toward the middle-left of the photo. The lead guys are a bit ahead of them. No mistaking my place in the group!

Things are definitely moving faster on both our Tuesday & Thursday-morning rides. During the summer we typically finish the Tuesday ride at 9:18 and the Thursday version (through the park, which is a bit longer) at 9:22. This week? 9:17 and 9:20! There are actually quite a few variables that account for a handful of seconds here, a minute there, typically being the speed of the slowest rider up Kings and how long we have to wait at the Sky Londa regroup for anyone who might have descended a bit more casually the others and/or adding or removing windbreakers.

Another larger group today, and I won’t even try to list everyone, but suffice it to say we had our faster guys, our more-casual guys (my new way of saying “slower”) and our in-between guys. And all guys, no girls today. I, of course, was riding “casual” and yet still felt OK going up Kings, since I wasn’t quite as “casual” as a few taking their time behind me, enjoying the climb while talking about whatever important stuff they were talking about. Couldn’t hear over my heavy breathing, of course. Kevin (my son) was working to re-establish himself as one of the faster guys. I was perfectly content with my place in the world until Karl decided to light a match on West Old LaHonda, blowing me off the back. Seriously off the back. Looking back at it, I’m not sure I put everything I had into it, and that woudl be fine if it was by choice, but don’t think it was. I just didn’t try hard enough.

The most-interesting thing this morning was climbing up and around Skyline and noticing the wind direction change, from on-shore to off-shore, in real time. Not quite as dramatic as that time, several years ago, that we exprienced, again in real time, the transition from rain to snow as we climbed Kings. That was cool. Yeah, that and cold too! Nothing like taht today, just shadows and fog and sunshine. Life could be a lot worse!

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