What makes a ride great or so-so? You!

Why we ride
Why we ride

It was Tuesday that George got on my case about some of my Strava ride descriptions, basically focusing on the pain and challenges, making it not sound like fun. And that hit me, because my job, seriously, is to make cycling seem like something people want to do, not have to. So today I set out to “have fun” even though it was a Thursday, which meant the tougher route to Skyline, up through the park. It worked! It’s not as if I was very fast heading up the hill (I wasn’t), but that didn’t matter. I was out on a bike, riding with friends, and looking for the little things that make each ride over roads I’ve ridden hundreds of times, a bit different.

2 thoughts on “What makes a ride great or so-so? You!

    1. Hnery: Yes, that’s a crop from the GoPro. Because it’s a fairly small part of the overall shot, it doesn’t show much of the typical GoPro distortion you’d normally get. –Mike–

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