We will hunt you down if you don’t ride!

Knock knock knockin' on Kevin's door...
Knock knock knockin’ on Kevin’s door…

We knew it wasn’t going to be pretty; the weather forecast, for days, had said it was going to rain on Thursday, specifically, Thursday morning. And for days you’re thinking yeah, sure, as if they can get it right this time. But they held to the forecast, and about 4am it started to rain. Nothing that bad really, just wet pavement, light drizzle, light wind.

And for that we get… nobody. Just myself and my son (Kevin), on our rain bikes, heading down Canada Road to the start, expecting to see flashing head & tail lights in the distance. But nothing. Looked for tire tracks in the wet pavement, but saw nothing. In fact, this might have

Nobody home
Nobody home

been a most-remarkable morning in that we saw not a single other cyclist during the entire ride! A check later on Strava confirmed it- everybody stayed home.

Why? We’ve certainly seen a lot worse weather than this, with a number of people out there. My theory is that we’ve gone so long without rain that we’ve become spoiled and have decided to just wait until it’s nicer to ride. Especially on a day like today, where it was wet in the morning and dry later on. Why not just wait it out?

So no Karl, no Karen, no JR, no Todd, no Eric, no (pilot) Kevin. What do we do about it? Look for answers, of course! Kevin (pilot) lives not too far off Skyline so instead of doing the West Old LaHonda loop, we headed down Swett Road and dropped in to see him. Find out why he didn’t show. But alas, he wasn’t there. We figured that might be the case, as he’s on reserve this month, meaning that, at short notice, he could be called on to fly to Shanghai or Miami. That’s what he tells us anyway; we were kinda hoping we’d catch him sleeping in. Long story short, if you don’t show up for our ride, we just might track you down.  –Mike–

2 thoughts on “We will hunt you down if you don’t ride!

    1. Jan: A totally-reasonable excuse would simply be that the day was going to turn a lot nicer later on, so why ride in the morning if you have an option to ride later on? The work thing? Even Kevin Keenan uses that once in a while, so I guess it’s valid. 🙂

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