Why We Ride #12

Do people see the large Hawk in the tree while driving past in a car? Do they notice it when out walking their dogs? Not likely. I think there’s a special attachment with nature that only cyclists have, because the world goes by at just the right speed on a bike. Sure, you could make a case for walking allowing you to see everything but y’know, everything is more than we were made to handle. A cycling pace is just right, a natural filter that allows your mind to bridge to the world in perfect sync.

This is Why We Ride!

One thought on “Why We Ride #12

  1. allow me to dispute your theory: i spend most rides with my head down, watching for road hazards. i’d probably have missed the hawk; but i know one from a handsaw.

    also lately i’ve taken to driving the back roads on my commute because watching other idiots’ brake lights on the freeway gets quite fatiguing. discovered all sorts of things i’d never seen riding those same roads, some quite surprising.

    signed crun, professional idiot

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