Can’t complain, it wasn’t raining!

It’s been pretty darned dry so far, and even when it has decided to rain, it’s cooperated and mostly avoided Tuesday & Thursday mornings! The last tiny batch of rain was nice enough to not start until Tuesday night and ended early yesterday afternoon. Can’t complain about that.

A bit damp and cool this morning on Skyline
A bit damp and cool this morning on Skyline

Only one Kevin again today (the pilot’s been missing in action), Karl, Karen, Jan, Todd, Eric & Marcus. The fast folk were Kevin, Todd, Marcus and, later in the ride, Karl. I kept contact up through the park and a bit beyond, but about halfway up Kings the Kevin/Todd/Marcus group rode easily off the front.

It wasn’t cold this morning, at least not by winter/early spring standards, sitting around 39-40 degrees for much of the ride. The damp air made it feel a lot cooler than that though! We’re all definitely looking forward to warmer days ahead.

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