Planned ride- Old Haul Road. First time ever!

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I’ve lived in this area my entire life, explored it on bike since I was 11 (46 years), and yet have never ridden Old Haul Road, the former logging road/narrow gauge rail line that runs between Loma Mar (near Pescadero) and Portola State Park. Tomorrow morning I plant to change that!

Not nearly as worried about Old Haul Road, which isn’t paved but supposedly has a very nice road-bikable surface, as I am the hellish climb out of Portola State Park. I think I’ve done that twice; I know the first time was on a Schwinn Varsity when I was maybe 12 or 13, and I remember thinking it best not to ride down into the park too quickly because somehow that would make it harder coming back out. Maybe it wouldn’t have seemed so nastily-steep if the Schwinn Varsity had come with easier gearing (42×28). I believe I rode it again 15-20 years ago, but not really sure.

Film at 11! Actually much earlier than that; should be back from the ride by 2pm or so, plenty of time to watch the SuperBowl.  –Mike–

2 thoughts on “Planned ride- Old Haul Road. First time ever!

  1. Pretty tough ride; why would you be jealous of someone who goes out when not feeling well and rides himself into the ground? Most are more sensible than that. Think of the children!

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