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Bye-bye Winter!

Winter? Technically maybe!
Winter? Technically maybe! What a great way to start the day.

What more need be said? Just look at that photo! No wonder we had a pretty large group this morning. Karl, Chris (2nd-timer; he’d been on the ride last week when I was in Minneapolis), Marcus, Kevin, Kevin, Andrew, Jan & Eric. Brisk ride up through the park (which has pretty much become mandatory on Thursdays), and I was pretty happy to reach the top in under 30 minutes. A bit over 40 degrees at the start and 60 at the finish. I could get used to this. I will get used to this in a month or so, when this is the norm and not a bit nicer than the season typically provides. –Mike–

The Keys to the Kingdom are held by middle-aged men

We’re getting some comments here and on Facebook about Kevin’s sprint in the video, the one where he doesn’t hold his line and tries to run me off the road. I told Kevin he had a lot of “fans” out there, to which he replied “Yeah, and I’m sure they’re all middle-aged men.” That’s when I explained Life to Kevin.

The Keys to the Kingdom are held by middle-aged men

Surprisingly, a quick google search doesn’t show this phrase being used in 30 Rock by Jack Donaghy. In fact, that exact phrase doesn’t show up in google at all. Feb 27, 2013, and I’ve coined something that’s both obvious and unique? Wow. No matter how the rest of the day goes, I know I’ve accomplished something!