Last really-cold ride of the year? Hope so!

It was a BEAUTIFUL morning, and I’ve got no pictures to prove it! Once again the GoPro Hero2 fails me. That darned thing has found so many ways not to work, and the problem is that, used on a bike, you can’t tell if it’s working or not because you can’t see the screen. But Strava proves I rode, and claims an average temp of 34 degrees. Yeah, but it felt like 35. 🙂

Just four of us on this cold morning, myself, Kevin (pilot), Nigel and an increasingly-rare showing by Marcus (the other Kevin, the one not the pilot, had a doctor’s appointment for tonsillitis; supposedly he’ll be getting them removed, but not sure if that happens after they’ve become really really bad or have had a chance to heal). Just barely made it up the hill under 30 minutes; nobody seemed to be in a big rush, and you just don’t go quite so fast when it’s cold. Thankfully no ice on the roads; it’s been a while since the last rain (and supposedly will be a while before we see it again!).

We did take a brief stop on west-side Old LaHonda for Nigel to take a few photos; if he sends them I’ll post them here. Meantime I’ve got to figure out what makes that GoPro camera tick… or what makes it fail, or something, before I decide it’s more trouble than it’s worth. If you have time, sure, you can stop and make sure it’s working fine, but I don’t add any extra padding to my ride calculations… as if I’d want to get up another 5 minutes earlier anyway?

Which brings up something else… the trip to France in July… is it even remotely possible to consider a flight out of SFO at 6am, if it means saving 25,000 award miles for Kevin’s ticket and about $100 on mine? Compared to a flight at a much-more-reasonable time of 8am? How many $$$/minute for sleep? My guess is that anything before 6:30am gets a very high value in my accounting formula! 6:30am is at least close to 7am, which I consider reasonable. 5am is nuts, and for a 6am flight, I’d have to be at the airport by 5am, which means leaving the house at 4:30am, which means getting up at 4am. And in all likelihood I would not have gotten to sleep before 1am, taking care of last-minute details.

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