A week off the bike- sure felt good to be back!

You sure dread getting back on the bike after a week off, especially when that week involved getting fattened like a pig by eating… well, pig! Christmas ham, in this case, along with all the stuff that goes with it. A holiday that’s an excess in more ways than one. Normally I would have ridden last Sunday, but that was a wash-out in multiple ways, mostly because we were open that day in our Redwood City store (normally closed on Sundays, but always open the Sunday prior to Christmas) but also because that was the day we got a month’s worth of rain in one afternoon. Oh yeah, also the day I bought my wife a car.

Then Tuesday was Christmas, and the combination of being Christmas and being wet outside kinda killed off any possibility of a ride that day. Wonder if anyone showed up for the morning ride? The ride that I maintain we do, no matter what? Well, there are two yearly exceptions to the no matter what. One occurs when it falls on Christmas day, the other New Years. But New Year’s day it’s because we ride up Mt. Hamilton instead, so guess that counts for something!

So today, this morning, it’s a week since last on the bike, but once out the driveway, it felt good. It felt good to approach the start and see a bunch of blinking lights on each rider’s bike. It felt good even heading up Kings Mtn, at least for the first third of the way, while I managed to try and stay on the fast guys wheels. And it didn’t feel terrible when I got dropped and arrived at the top just a minute or two later. And, at about 40 degrees for most of the ride, maybe 5 degrees warmer on average than last week… well yes, that felt good too!

A few days ago I was really wondering how bad climbing Mt Hamilton next Tuesday was going to be. No more. I know I’m not going to be fast. But I know I’m going to feel good.

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