It feels good to go fast

What a beautiful morning! Sure, it got down to 42 or so at the start, but we’ll soon be seeing considerably-lower temps than that, and on the back side, that being west Old LaHonda, it felt almost balmy, probably mid-50s.

Kevin (my son, not the pilot), Eric, Chris, George, Mark & Todd this morning. I got up King in just a couple seconds over 28 minutes which, for this time of year, I can live with. Yes, it would have been nicer had it been 27-something, and I’ll get there. No more mental limitation; I’m going to push until it feels like I’m about to explode. On the upper reaches of west Old LaHonda I even managed to ditch Kevin (thanks to Mark taking off as soon as Kevin reached for a drink; looking at the video, I think it probably was just coincidence, but catching Kevin off-guard like that is probably the only way I’ll ever get a chance to drop him anymore).

Oh sure, some might think Kevin was slowed down a bit by a kidney stone issue. 🙂

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