Breakfast Ride (Kevin’s birthday)

The storms cooperated; as forecast, no rain this morning! In fact, so far, this┬ámassive series of storms has been a bit of a disappointment, although that supposedly will be remedied this weekend. We’ll see!

Passing a truck that couldn’t quite make the corner on Kings

Moderate-size group this morning, Kevin, Kevin, Eric, Chris (young guy from our Redwood City store), Jon, Todd & Mark. And me, of course, keeping track of things at the back, making sure Chris is OK. He’s not quite got his climbing legs yet, but they’ll be coming along very quickly.

Making the climb up Kings a bit interesting was the possibility the road was going to be closed (it was) causing us to have to detour up 84 (we didn’t have to; the police were friendly and knew we wouldn’t have an issue getting past the reason for the road closure (a long truck that couldn’t make it through a corner). It’s nice that, after 20+ years of doing this, on an absurdly-rigid schedule, they know us well enough to cut us a bit of slack.

Since yesterday was Kevin’s birthday, we made this one of our every-two-years-or-so “breakfast rides”, where, on our first pass through Sky L’onda, we stop by Alice’s and place our orders for breakfast, which will be ready for us after we do the west-side Old LaHonda loop and return to Sky L’onda 20 minutes later. Unfortunately, most needed to get to work or other commitments (Pilot Kevin claimed his mother was in town???!!!), so it was just myself, “birthday” Kevin (he’s 20, by the way), Eric and Chris.

Health food, of course. French toast & pancakes, coffee & hot chocolate. Breakfast of Champions? Yeah, sure, today we’ll go with that!

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