Great Day for annual TurkeyTrot Ride!

Due to a complete lack of publicity on my part, along with the Mt Hamilton low-key hill climb event taking place, let’s say this was an “intimate” version of the annual TurkeyTrot ride. Just myself, Kevin, Mark and, for part of the ride, Michael from our Redwood City store. It was a gorgeous morning for a bike ride! That’s really an understatement; clear skies and virtually zero cars on the road.

I finally wandered over to see what it is that hangs from the fence opposite the San Gregorio General Store. A fish skeleton???!!!
The ride went as planned; up 84 (instead of Old LaHonda; I figured the gentler grade offered by 84 would give me less trouble), down to LaHonda, over Haskins to Pescadero, stop for food, then north on Stage and up Tunitas. Mark’s in very good shape these days and did a pretty good job of staying close to Kevin, especially on 84 and Haskins. Me? 84 I was maybe 45 seconds back, Haskins about the same. On the three Stage Road climbs at least I could keep them in sight, but Tunitas? Total fail! I managed 51 minutes from ocean to top, while Kevin got there in 44. No legs or lungs for me today!

Last night Kevin was making noises like he didn’t want to ride today, and even this morning wasn’t looking forward to it. That’s not unusual for him; he typically takes an hour or so to work into a ride and start enjoying it. But today? He continued to withhold “approval” until after the ride was finished, after loading it into Strava. 15 “accomplishments” for him. Yes, seeing that, he was glad he rode.

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