No ordinary bike shop; we find & return lost apparel… in real time!

Please ignore a few typos and mis-spellings; I’m going to get those fixed shortly. Obviously I shouldn’t be editing videos at 12:30am. –Mike–

Claude asked about the views from West Alpine. Yes, awesome!

No easy ride today, time to stop fooling around and get back to business. That means minimum 100k, with something “special” thrown in. Today, that meant Old LaHonda, Sna Gregorio, south on Stage to Pescadero, over Haskins & up West Alpine (West Alpine being the “something special”). Best thing about a longer ride is that they tend to favor me over Kevin, and today was no exception. I had no chance of holding onto his wheel going up Old LaHonda, but was at least even with him on the rollers on Stage and rode stronger up both Haskins and West Alpine. I like that!

Just barely got back before the sun set; guess we’ll have to leave earlier than noon in the future! Kevin thought I was being a bit extreme insisting on base layers, but by the time we got out of Pescadero and saw 53 degrees, and later 46 up on Skyline, he was glad I made him wear one. The long-fingered gloves helped later in the ride too!

Almost didn’t qualify as a “tough” ride; 67.2 miles with 6734ft of climbing, just 134ft to spare!

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