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TdF 2013 Trip Planning

The 2013 TdF route poses some interesting challenges for someone who would like to see the final mountain stages and finish. Not that we know of anyone who’s made a habit over the years of doing exactly that! First step is to visualize things, which I’ve done here, using information from the official website.

SUNDAY, JULY 14TH – STAGE 15 242km Givors / Mont Ventoux

TUESDAY, JULY 16TH – STAGE 16 168km  Vaison-la-Romaine / Gap
WEDNESDAY, JULY 17TH – STAGE 17 32km  Embrun / Chorges

THURSDAY, JULY 18TH – STAGE 18 168km Gap / Alpe-d’Huez
FRIDAY, JULY 19TH – STAGE 19 204km Bourg-d’Oisans / Le Grand-Bornand
SATURDAY, JULY 20TH – STAGE 20 125km Annecy / Annecy – Semnoz

SUNDAY, JULY 21ST – STAGE 21 118km Versailles / Paris Champs-Élysées

The Rules for Road Cyclists

Road Rules for Cyclists-

Some pretty funny stuff in there. A lot of it is actually serious stuff to pay attention to, some of is silly, and just a couple things I’d disagree with. I’d tone down the language slightly if I were writing it, so if you’ve got a G-rated household, you should probably avoid it (I’d rate it PG-13).