Airbags for bicycles- they’re real!

Who said airbags were just for cars?
Another cool morning; this one getting down to 48 degrees, low enough that long-fingered gloves will be required, not optional. Since it was Thursday we rode up through the park, “we” being Kevin (not the pilot), Eric & John. I was looking forward to an easy ride up the hill, and Eric & John were happy to oblige, but Kevin took off and put me in no-man’s-land in-between. Just under 30 minutes to the top, fine by me. But, I do miss the warmer weather that’s likely gone for the season, and not just because I’m warmer. When it’s cooler, your tires are bumpier, the road less-forgiving and you feel less sure-footed in the corners. At least it wasn’t too wet, so we’re all still on our nice bikes. The rain bikes can wait!

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