25 miles = hardly felt like I rode yesterday

Sundays are for long, hard rides. So maybe yesterday wasn’t a Sunday then? Kevin was coming down with a bad cold so it was just a quick (actually slow) run up Old LaHonda, then north on Skyline to Kings and back down. Nothing “over the other side” of the hill.

It did give me a chance to do some more testing of the Hero2 geek cam, since I was able to stay seated in the saddle the entire time (normally I’d be standing on the steeper sections in order to keep up with him). The results can be seen below (accompanied by some of the stranger music you’ve likely never heard, unless you’re a product of 60s-70s progressive english rock with pretentious lyrics).

I like the title of the first piece- “Symphony for the Hard of Hearing.” The second piece, about 4:45 in, is “Simple Sister.” A more appropriate tune for me might be “Power Failure.”

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