Last big day in the Pyrenees… it’s all downhill from here

That’s my ride. The last big ride in the mountains for us; Riding from Lourdes over the Col du Aspin, then nearly all of the Peyresourde before detouring up to Peyregudes, where today’s Tour de France stage finished. The afterward a mad dash down the mountain because we quite literally had a train to catch. More details soon, including how Kevin had quite the run-in with the Gendarmes, or at least one of them.

Tomorrow morning (Friday) we catch a train to Paris; this will be as close to a “rest” day as we’ve had. Then Saturday we take a train from Paris to the final time trial in Chartres, back to Paris that night, Sunday the final stage, and Monday we fly home. As goes the title of a Calvin & Hobbes collection, the days are just packed!

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