Strava says “No accomplishments.” I say otherwise!

There were several accomplishments this morning! Starting with me getting out of bed; one of those nights where I didn’t sleep very well, not helped by a toilet that started to leak again at 2:30am (no big mess, since I’d put a bowl underneath the area it was leaking, just a loud drip-drip-drip or I suppose they were min-splashes).

Too many to count on the ride this morning; only notable missing person was Todd, whose work schedule has changed. One new guy who thought he should ride up ahead of us; I told him if he’s climbing in 28 minutes as he said, there’d be no problem. I was right. It’s my job, after all, to police the back of the field!

First accomplishment? Kevin got a new personal best of 24:46, and he’s now the go-to person for keeping track of times when the others he’s riding up front with don’t have their garmin or forgot to start & stop them. That used to be my job.

Chris at the front, just starting his big push, with Kevin (the pilot) behind. The shadow to the left is the other Kevin; today, I wasn’t concerned with him. Just Chris.

The more-important accomplishment happened toward the end of the ride, where George usually pushes the pace to get me blown off the back before the final sprint, but for some reason was feeling pretty kind today. It was an ideal situation for me, being 3rd in line behind Chris at the start of the sprint, letting me draft while keeping an eye out for when Chris started moving fast. I quickly passed up the #2 rider (Kevin the pilot) and settled onto Chris’ wheel for exactly the right amount of time to strongly come around him and take the sprint. Like in the old days. Since I’m getting older, shouldn’t there be more “old days?”

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