Life goes by at just the right speed on a bike

I was reminded of one of my signature lines by Ueyn earlier today… that life goes by at just the right speed on a bike. You smell breakfast cooking, you see wildlife (small bunnies, snakes, bobcats) that you’d never notice in a car. Perhaps, as I’m riding more slowly on the initial climbs these days, that means I’ll notice even more! Perhaps. Or, more likely, I’ll become preoccupied with my plight, wishing I was faster.

This morning we had new-guy Nick (who claimed he’d have issues getting up the hill under 30 minutes yet dropped me like a rock), Jan, Eric, Todd & Kevin. Up through the park (which has become the norm for Thursdays), and it’s great to see Eric doing so much better this year than last. Perhaps next year will be my claim to fame! But for now, I’m happy that I still do well on longer rides, those over 40 miles. Maybe I just need a really long warm-up.

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