Did I really stoop this low? Barry Manilow???!!! There is a reason.

OK, now for an explanation. I first did this video to Supertramp’s “It’s Raining Again”, a ridiculously-cheerful and silly song. Trouble is, Youtube didn’t like it. I tried twice, the first time using audio from a Roger Hogdson concert (former lead writer for Supertramp). That video’s worth a look, if nothing for the chance to see someone looking happier at their job than imaginable. Got a stern warning from Youtube that using the audio in my file kept it from being seen in the US. OK, so much for that. Next, I tried the same track from the original studio album. This usually works, because Youtube pays royalties to ASCAP or whomever. But for some reason that video is in limbo-land, forever being “processed.” If it ever shows up, it will be here.

And then I remembered something from the way-back days. One of the most-touching pieces of bike-related sports ever on TV, ABC’s beginning-to-end coverage of the first Race Across America. The final 4 minutes, showing the absolute pain, suffering & triumph as the last contestant neared the finish line in the rain, has “I Made It Through The Rain” playing in the background. It’s so easy to hate Barry Manilow, yet it was perfect for that piece. So etched in my mind is that last few minutes of coverage I even remember the “Promotional consideration by United Airlines” splashed across the screen for the last 10 seconds or so, as the music reached it’s concluding peak.

Ah, Youtube has finally come through with the “It’s Raining Again” version of my video!

If sufficiently bored, watch both and tell me which works best. OK, maybe just a few random seconds of the Barry Manilow version will suffice. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Did I really stoop this low? Barry Manilow???!!! There is a reason.

    1. It’s the syrupy torch songs he was famous for. Remember “Mandy?” On the other hand, look at the stuff Todd Rundgren got away with. “We Gotta Get You a Woman” and “Hello it’s Me.” But Todd went off in some interesting directions while Barry Manilow stayed with the easy listening stuff, kind of a classy lounge act. Or maybe we resented him because it was the 70s and 80s and he was too popular at a time when many of us were into Progressive English Rock. Raising my hand on that one. Procol Harum, Genesis, Renaissance, Pink Floyd, Traffic, etc. Very far removed from Barry Manilow.

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