It’s Raining Again

Once again I woke up to streets almost dry, but by the time I made a bottle of Cytomax for our ride it was coming down at a moderate pace, strong enough that we had to start the ride in full rain gear… never a fun thing, and never quite as fast to get into as you’d like. As a result, we were two minutes late to the start, and, it appeared, my son and I were the only two who showed up. Later I got an email from Kevin (the pilot) asking where I was, and letting me know that the only reason he survived the cold was because he was wearing every single piece of clothing he owned. This I could definitely believe, as we saw 36 degrees and quite a bit of rain on top. It would have been nice to share the experience with Kevin (the pilot), Eric and Ludo, three other brave souls out on the road (in addition to a single cyclist we saw heading down Kings as we were going up).

Yes, it was cold, and yes, it became pretty miserable, miserable enough that we didn’t do the west-side Old LaHonda loop, dropping down 84 from Sky Londa directly into Woodside instead. My shame & humiliation will be complete when I hear back from Kevin (the pilot) and find out that his group did the whole ride! But we did have one accomplishment- Kevin (my son) stayed up on the descent. A definite improvement over Tuesday’s ride!

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