Monthly Archives: February 2012

Gotham City?

You tell me, does this look like a scene from a Batman movie or what? It’s actually downtown Nashville, Broadway to be precise. The home of many, many Elvis shops and high-fat eateries.

So what are Steve and I doing in Nashville? We’re here to attend a high-level fitting seminar for tri bikes, so we can make our fastest customers even faster! But don’t worry, nobody’s turn me into a triathlete, not as long as one of the three events involves running.

I really had no idea how many of our customers did a fair amount of running until came along, where people post their cycling and running gps data.
So tomorrow (Thursday) Kevin (my son, not the pilot) will be out on the regular Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride while I’m likely eating an excessive amount of tasty but artery-clogging food. I’ll be there in spirit, and look forward to looking at Kevin’s Strava download. It will be interesting to see how he does without me holding him back.
This is a two-day seminar but instead of flying home Friday night, I head to Minneapolis for a distributor’s show called, appropriately, Frostbike. And then Sunday night I’m home. Six flights, nothing heroic, but I’m sure going to be missing the bike! And my wife, and kids, and the people at the shop who hold things together and keep our customers happily cycling.  –Mike–

Just when you thought you were having a bad day…

A bit cool this morning, but a pretty big group (over 10, and my limit for roll call is about 7). Got off to a ragged start as Kevin (my son, not the pilot) got a flat tire less than a minute into the ride. We patched him up and got moving, but it took a while for him to come back up to speed, such that I actually caught back up to him on Kings, a rare thing these days!

At least one person had a much worse day than I did today.

It was descending 84, just before the bottom that we found someone who had a really bad day. Guess it puts into perspective the many things that didn’t quite go as planned for me today, including a lengthy issue with Comcast, trying to install a new phone system in our Redwood City location and not quite getting things right. Oh, and on the way home, picking up some flowers for my wife, only to have them totally spill out onto the seat.