Is this really winter?

This is winter? It’s not even that cold anymore; unless it’s in the 30s when you leave the house, you can dress well enough that you’re pretty comfortable. And unless there’s been fog, the roads are nice & dry. Rain? What’s rain? Nothing in the 10 day outlook even!

But it is winter, and someday it will rain. In the meantime, no reason to feel guilty about the lack of rain. There’s nothing we can do about it, other than pretend to be empathetic to your friends who ski (which is more than they’ll offer you when it seems too nasty outside to ride a bike but there’s great powder at Lake Tahoe).

This morning was really, really nice out. It was up into the 50s on Skyline, and Kevin, Kevin and Eric were willing to ride at a pace I could (mostly) sustain. Mostly? Yeah, I lost contact on the steeper pitch heading up through Huddart Park, and then again when it got steep towards the end. The two Kevins (my son & the pilot) stayed together to the top, while I struggled to try and stay with Eric. I’d like to believe that I’m still a bit slow due to the cold I’ve got, and I’m happy that I didn’t lose as much time to Kevin today as he lost to me on Tuesday.

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