Foggy start

No rain, but at least the ride started out a bit wet! First day of heavy fog in quite a while as we climbed away from home and headed to the start of the ride. Apparently bad enough to scare most away from the ride as it was just my son, Eric, and the guy from Team Strava whose name I forget.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to ride this morning, gradually getting over a pretty nasty cold that gave me some trouble keeping up with Kevin (my son, not the pilot) on Sunday’s ride up Mt. Hamilton, but I became inspired when I saw Kevin having trouble following Eric’s wheel before we got to the Huddart Park entrance. Normally, I would have hung back with Kevin and made sure he wasn’t in trouble, but the Strava guy was even further behind Kevin, and after Kevin ditching me on Mt. Hamilton I was ready to return the favor. I did hold up at Huddart Park for him a bit, but that was it, game on, sick or not.

The fog ended shortly into the Kings Mtn climb, giving us dry roads and clear skies until we dropped back into Woodside at the end (as seen in the video above). Overall I rode more strongly than I expected, but later paid for it as my voice has pretty much left me. I feel fine, but just can talk much, probably a result of rapid breathing on the climb that aggravated my throat. But if that’s the price I pay for getting even with Kevin, it was worth it.

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