Last ride of Fall & virtual bungee cords

I’ve often said we do an easier-paced ride in the winter than we do in the summer; our faster day (Tuesday) typically finishes between 9:18-9:22am, with our winter rides ending closer to 9:30. Today, the last ride before winter officially hits, we arrived at the finish at a surprisingly-early 9:20am!

Who was responsible for that? Certainly not me! So it must have been either Kevin, Eric, Karl or George. Since it was George and nobody else who rode off the front on the west-side Old LaHonda section, I’ll blame him. But thankfully, other than Kings (and George ditching us on Old LaHonda), I was able to hang onto wheels and not get dropped.

It would be nice to believe that the faster pace meant we’re all in better shape that prior years, but it’s more likely the case that Kevin (my son, not the pilot) (should I just create an acronym for that, since it’s used so often? MSNP?) is definitely getting stronger, while Eric and I are getting better at lashing virtual bungee cords to George & pilot-Kevin’s bikes. As long as the climb isn’t too steep the virtual bungee cords hold pretty well!

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