Next year, ‘cross for Kevin

Kevin originally wanted to do a final long ride before the end of the year, probably Santa Cruz (again), but since everyone at the shop was talking about heading to the Cyclocross race at Coyote Point, he thought it might be fun to ride there and take pictures.

Not much of a ride though; maybe 15 miles each way. Unless you ride over 92 to Half Moon Bay, north on highway 1 through Devil’s Slide, up over Sharp Park then down into Millbrae and south to Coyote Point.

The direct route. Why ride 15 flat miles when you can do 42 challenging?

The environment surrounding ‘cross is a whole lot more fun and less serious than road or track, but what attracted Kevin were women… his age, not 8 years older. He was surprised to see, in his words, so many “hotties.” I have no problem with that. If my son is attracted to athletic women who likely have healthy lifestyles, and sees the possibilities there as being more fun than hanging out with a bunch of guys discussing Skyrim, it works for me. Now, if they can figure out a way to play Skyrim during a workout, that might be a different thing altogether.

Oh, right, the race. Our Tuesday/Thursday riders did us proud. Karen won her event (she took the district championship last week) while George & Karl rode well in their race.

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