9400 Facebook employees are coming our way, but maybe (hopefully?) not their cars!

My wife just walked in a few moments ago, after seeing a story on Channel 2 news about Facebook strong-arming Menlo Park over their new headquarters (in the former Sun Microsystem campus). She thought hey, what a great opportunity for a cycling solution! And of course, she’s right. Just like always. So I dug into the issue a bit, trying to figure out how we can play our part in making this a world where people are a resource and not a burden on the infrastructure (a fancy way of saying we can pack more people into a given area if we have fewer cars attached to them), and found that, of course, the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition is all over this. Follow this link for an excellent piece on their website, including important dates and locations for meetings that you might want to attend.

Directly across from the new Facebook Campus is this convoluted bike crossing, including a channel designed to keep shrapnel in place to assault bike tires.

There’s a lot of work and opportunity with this one; presently, the Bayfront bike path is a disaster; poorly maintained, improperly signed and dangerously-routed. My son and I reported on this on Oct 24th when we rode through the area on our way back from Mt. Diablo. It’s really bad news. Unfit for cycling at any speed.

Facebook could easily become a model citizen and dramatically improve the lot of cyclists in the area without much effort by embracing the bicycle. Let’s hope this works out!  –Mike–

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