Yes, I rode yesterday, yes, it was 31 degrees, yes, a lot of people showed up

Don’t know how yesterday got away from me; I’m pretty good about making sure I get the posts up on the same day, and when I begin past midnight, I’ll cheat and change the posting date so it reflects the date of the actual ride.

Too many people to count, way too many! Both Kevins, Eric, Karl, Karen (who won District Cyclo Cross, by the way!), George, darn, forgetting the other pilot who showed up whom I haven’t seen for a while… Todd, wow, I’m going to have to look at the video except that I’d probably still miss some. Lots of people! Moderate pace up Kings after the cold run through Woodside; it was fun watching the temperature drop lower and lower and lower, although it would have been even more fun if it had passed 30 and just kept going another .1 degree further. 29.9 degrees sounds so much more impresive than the 30.4 that I think I saw at one point.

Thankfully, it’s been dry so no ice, just nice fast roads and George giving me a bad time about braking in corners and not having a high-enough gear for the descents. Well here’s the skinny on that- I’m a lot more tense/nervous when it’s cold than when it’s warmer. It just doesn’t feel like my tires stick as well, and my body doesn’t feel quite like it’s one with the bike. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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