Why we need a 3-foot passing law

Why we need a 3-foot passing law
I do what I can to avoid issues with cars, and for the most part, have very few. But today, heading back up west-side 84 from Old LaHonda, my son and I had someone fly by much too close for comfort. Currently, there is nothing on the books saying how much clearance a car should be giving a cyclist, but pretty sure most reasonable people would think it should be more than what’s shown in the photo, particularly when the car is going well over the speed limit.

Aside from that a pretty nice ride; first chance to get out the rain bikes (as if it’s something I’d look forward to?) and get things checked out before a “serious” ride (such as next Thursday morning’s Thanksgiving Day ride, otherwise known as the annual Turkey Trot, which presently shows rain in the forecast). It was supposed to be a longer ride than it was, the plan being to head down to the Los Altos store via the foothills before turning back. I really didn’t want to do a Skyline ride in the wet until I knew the bikes were up to it. That was until Kevin lets m know, about 15 minutes into the ride, that he’s got to be back for a 4:30 gig with his friends (Lazer Tag). And it’s 2pm. Yikes. So we ended up doing Old LaHonda instead (maximum effort minimum time), down the back side and back over 84 into Woodside.

Amazingly, despite the face that we had waited until it had stopped raining, we saw just 6 other cyclists on the road. Where was everybody? Perhaps watching the cyclocross racing in the City?

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  1. Where were we? We were riding on Saturday, as my nephew’s 10th b-day lunch was at Fenton’s Creamery on Sunday, and couldn’t miss that!

    We had fun inadvertently crashing the Low Key Hill Climb event on King’s Mtn. Had taken the routed through Huddard so didn’t see their start and had no idea the race was on. Got passed by a couple of guys flying by me, which isn’t all that unusual, but was confused by the photographers further up the hill. I mean, I look good on the bike and all, but really?

    Then saw a ‘200 meters to go’ sign and realized that with all those cheering fans up at the top I’d have to sprint. The guy with the stop watch wanted to know what my number was, but by then I didn’t have any extra lung capacity to answer…

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