Little Lost iPhone phones home

A message from beyond the grave?
My stolen iPhone just called. Sort of.

It’s not really a call from beyond the grave, but it kinda feels like it. I gave up being sad about my stolen iPhone (happened in Grenoble, France this past July) and assumed it had long-since been wiped clean and passed on to someone new in a flea market in eastern europe. But then I get this odd email, from an obscure application I had been testing that emails your location at a regular interval (when activated) so you can have someone track you.

My iPhone had been quiet for 4 months. And then today I get two emails from the app (iPhoneLocUpdater), telling me it’s having a great time in Algeria. I’ve moved on; I have my iPhone4S now, which works even better, in addition to my fake iPhone5. But that phone and its apps reflect who I am, so it’s personal to me and if I could push a button and remotely vaporize it, I’d gladly do so.

2 thoughts on “Little Lost iPhone phones home

  1. With the “Mobile Me’ service from Apple, you have the ability to find your iPhone, and also remotely locking or wiping it. I’ve used the Find function a few times–typically when I’ve lost it in the house. Of course your lost phone has a new sim and number, so presumably no longer an option. I assume its new Algerian owner doesn’t realize that you’re getting email updates on his/her goings on.

    So you DID get the fake iPhone 5! How is it?

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