No Jacket Required? Maybe last week!

I didn’t even pause to consider going without legwarmers and a base layer this morning; it’s late October and while it’s still super-nice later in the day, there’s a definite chill in the air when the alarm clock goes off at 6:57am.

Mid-sized group this morning, with Eric, Karl, Karen, Zack, George, Kevin (the pilot), and a new guy whose name I don’t recall that’s a terror on the morning ride, that 6am ride for crazies who don’t realize that’s when you’re supposed to sleep.

I felt a lot better than I had any right to, having been up later than normal last night due to problems with one of my printers (had to print out some visa photos for an upcoming trip to China, and for some reason, my lips kept coming out green… thinking about it, the printer’s getting on in years, so it may be time for retirement). So I had that working against me, and the first pretty cool morning of the year, down to 44 degrees at one part! At least it was a much-nicer 48 in Woodside.

It would have been one of the faster rides if not for Kevin (my son, not the pilot) and his continuing issues with seizures and double-vision. Will be nice when we can finally get that figured out, but in the meantime he continue to improve his group-riding skills and really looks forward to getting out with the guys (and girl).

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