Yesterday’s easy 93 miler

Got busy and ran out of time last night to report on the ride so I’m catching up while waiting for my flights to DC.

Got tired of the usual run to Santa Cruz so did the Big Basin loop instead. South through the foothills, Redwood Gulch to quickly remind you why you do or do not like climbing, then up 9, down the other side to Boulder Creek, 236 looping up through Big Basin to Waterman Gap, back up 9, north on Skyline and down 84 to Woodside.

It’s strange being near Boulder Creek and not doing China Grade but there’s actually more climbing this way, as you gain and lose elevation a few times on the way to Waterman Gap.

Kevin and I stopped for coffee and food at the Starbucks in front of our Los Altos store, hoping the caffeine might help Kevin avoid any seizures. No seizures so we’ll keep this routine up! Stopped again at Boulder Creek for Mtn Dews before heading back up for the apparently-mandatory hot dog from Mr. Mustard at Saratoga Gap.

Great climbing weather, mostly between 58-72 degrees. A lot nicer than the cold drizzle outside the plane as we await take off in Oakland!

93.77 miles, haven’t looked at the climbing yet but probably about 7500ft.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s easy 93 miler

    1. Caffeine might be a help, but it’s not a total fix as he’s still had seizures after a morning caffeine infusion. It certainly doesn’t make things worse though; this morning he had a pretty good one, without pre-ride caffeine. But, as usual, he picks himself up and keeps on going! –Mike–

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